Q?Is the installation disruptive to my yard and landscape?

Minimal disruption! If trenching is required across the lawn, a small incision is made about 6-8 inches deep, the wire is placed inside, and the grass folded over top of it. As long as there is normal rainfall or irrigation, there should be no damage to the lawn. In the dirt areas, the wire is buried 6-8 inches deep. Where there is mulch, the wire is placed just under the mulch, for ease of seasonal mulching and landscape planting.

Q?How is the lighting system controlled

A timer, located inside the transformer, controls the system. It is set to your desired on/off times and can be manually overridden with a flip of a switch.

Q?How does this affect my electricity bill?

The average cost to run our typical LED lighting system is about $26 per year.

The alternative, the older-type Halogen systems average $231 per year for the equivalent lighting with same fixtures, and they require yearly bulb changes.

Q?What is the warranty on the lighting system?

Our systems have a manufacturer Lifetime warranty on the fixtures and transformers. The LED bulbs have a 5 year warranty.  The older Halogen bulbs carry no warranty.